Thursday, February 16, 2012

Second revision available soon

It's not really a second edition, it's jut a revised version, which also includes feedback from the readers.
Visually more appealing, less typos and a couple of additional paragraphs.

If bought the book, write me an email with your photo holding the book, and I will send you back the pdf of the new revision. Offer valid until February 24 (excluded).

On February 24, I'll collect all the eligible recipients and send the file.
Please, state explicitly in the email if you allow the photo to be published on this site.


  1. I'm now thinking to send you such an e-mail to request you to kindly let me have the copy of the new revision. However, I have no clear idea on which e-mail address I should use. Is it OK to use the e-mail address that is present in '1.3 Errata' section in the book? Otherwise, please let me know.

  2. Yes, of course.
    I don't mention here the email address on purpose: if you know it, it's an additional signal that you have the book

  3. Ouch, I should have checked this website sooner :-S. I just ordered the book via Amazon (but from an affiliated shop), so I suspect it will still be the 1st revision. As the pdf offer has expired, is it possible to get an estimate about the scale of the changes between the two revisions?

  4. Ciao Davide,

    Vorrei avere la copia del libro in PDF, potresti dirmi come? Grazie mille.